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Desley Polmear's Books

Desley is a best selling author and has completed a Murder Mystery Trilogy. The titles of the trilogy are ‘Unlocked Secrets’  ‘Just before Midnight’ and ‘Payback.’ sold at $60 (normally $25 each).

Polmear’s latest novel, FRACTURED SOULS was published on 24th November 2021. Also check out SHATTERED which was published in March 2019.

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Fractured Souls

Miriam O’Connor’s father was a hot head and it got him into trouble. She adored him and wondered for years why he abandoned her and her six year old twin siblings after their mother died on her 13th birthday. Where was he? Does he ever think of the family he left behind? Was he still alive? Despite the early set-backs, Miriam made a good, successful life for herself after her Aunt Daisy took in the trio and raised them as her own. From pre WW2, Wales, UK, to the turn of the century in Sydney, we are taken on Rhys Collins’s journey of adventures, strife and multiple identities. As he encounters people from all walks of life, and turns his hand to different jobs, he often wonders about his growing children he left behind in Wales, his place of birth. But his transgressions, and encounters with people on the wrong side of the law make him afraid to find out. Will Miriam and her siblings find their missing father before he becomes completely lost in the constant dramas of his own making?

Shattered Murder Story Book by Desley Polmear.jpg


Chilling novel by Desley Polmear

Four female friends met on a Friday night at the local hotel to plan their up-and-coming overseas trip. What they didn’t plan on was their four different personality types. Is the city girl Jayde Carlson’s personality too strong for the three country girls? Over the years, her soul had gone to a dark place, unable to be awakened. In 2008 after Jack received yet another severe beating from his father, he made a decision to move to Sydney and make a new life, never to return to Grasstree. Through a shocking event, Jack was unable to live his dream. After Gracie had a near fatal car accident, the promiscuous Jayde Carlson stepped in, luring Gracie’s boyfriend, Booker Harrington, to her bed. In the hospital, Gracie received messages and photos on her mobile phone, Booker and Jayde’s bodies entwined.

Unlocked Secrets Cover.jpg

Unlocked Secrets

The headlights from the van were bright. He looked towards them and then back at the stranger hovering his aching body and saw his cold eyes. He couldn't believe what was happening ... it had to be a nightmare. He flinched as he felt the cold metal at his temple. Surely he's gone mad ... who the hell is this guy? 'Please', he tried to call out. 'Don't kill me. I'll do anything. I have a wife and children. Spare me, please.' No sound came out of his mouth. He could feel a warm trickle down his leg. He tried to move, tried to get up. Just then, the gun left his temple. That's when he felt the boot, again and again. His ribs ached, and he felt weak; his heart was racing. The acid was milling in his stomach, and he started to vomit ...

Just Before Midnight Cover.jpg

Just Before Midnight

Ward produced a tablet, sat it on her tongue and shoved a smelly handkerchief in to her mouth.  Are they keeping me alive? 


At the front door, Ward said, ‘we’ll be back, so don’t try anything smart or both you and Claude will lie side by side with a bullet right through your heads.  I’ll make sure you pay for what you did, and so will Claude. No one makes a fool out of me.’  He switched the light off and slammed the door hard behind him. 


Coldness spread across her chest once his words sunk in.  A bullet right through your head and Claude too.  It took quite a bit of manoeuvring to slide the tablet to the side of her mouth with her tongue.  She was determined not to swallow it.



Susie Russo held on to her dark secrets from the past. They were locked away in the deep recesses of her mind where they were safe. That was until she started to receive vile messages on her mobile phone from a venomous caller.

Will the truth be exposed? Susie was fearful that her loving husband Mario would find out. Every day she lived with her guilt, lies and deceit. In a warm and loving relationship with Mario Valderas, she wanted for nothing, but now the fear of her secrets being revealed threatened everything she held dear. Could she take that risk?

Late one evening a tragedy changed her life in an instant, both emotionally and physically. Susie kept silent, revealing nothing to the authorities. Will she rise above it all and find the strength to go on, or will she discover another way to find her peace?

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