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Petals in the wind painting by Desley Polmear.jpeg

Desley Polmear's Art Work

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Desley Polmear keeps herself busy writing novels and doing art. Both of these feed her Spirit. Desley has always remembered an old saying she heard years ago. ‘Don’t let your pans shine brighter than you.’ 

Desley is doing acrylics on large canvases alongside watercolours. She is an enthusiastic loose painter, whether it is voluptuous petals or large strokes creating our Australian mountains, bush scenes or oceans. Her aim is to spread the joy around, perhaps giving people a memory, something which reminds the viewer of another time, another place.

Desley has always had an obsession with old worn tracks. She lets her mind wander, and asks, what is beyond that old worn track? 

She loves to paint scenes which make her heart sing, like painting a track leading to the beach, a track down a country road, to a garden. A track leading to somewhere is a mystery to her. Desley feels a sense of freedom when the paint brush hits the large canvas. It is her alone time, being at one with her art – just living in the moment.  

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