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Unlocked Secrets written by Desley Polmear about Claude's nightmare

Unlocked Secrets is available in paperback or hard cover versions. All books purchased will be signed by Desley Polmear.




The headlights from the van were bright. He looked towards them and then back at the stranger hovering his aching body and saw his cold eyes. He couldn't believe what was happening ... it had to be a nightmare. He flinched as he felt the cold metal at his temple. Surely he's gone mad ... who the hell is this guy? 'Please', he tried to call out. 'Don't kill me. I'll do anything. I have a wife and children. Spare me, please.' No sound came out of his mouth. He could feel a warm trickle down his leg. He tried to move, tried to get up. Just then, the gun left his temple. That's when he felt the boot, again and again. His ribs ached, and he felt weak; his heart was racing. The acid was milling in his stomach, and he started to vomit.


He heard the guy laughing ... laughing. It was an evil laugh. He knew he was going to die but when ...? How long would he tease him? The sound frightened him as he heard the trigger. He began to pray softly. 'Please, God, help me. I will do anything if you save me.'


He began to tremble uncontrollably, and he felt a cold sweat wash over him. He could see the smirk on the guy's face as he held the gun to his head once more. He began to cry pitifully as he lost control of his bowels. He heard the engine of the van kick over and the familiar voice calling out as he came close. 'Get it over with. We've got a jon to do,' he yelled.


Claude grabbed hold of his cross and brought it to his lips and then he let it fall. He closed his eyes and thought of his wife and children. He gave a thought to his mistress and asked there and then for forgiveness ... 'Our Father, who ..."


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