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Launched 24th November 2021, FRACTURED SOULS is Desley Polmear's latest book.


Fractured Souls is available in hard cover and paperback versions. All books will be signed by Desley.


Book cover is painted by Desley Polmear.


A summary of this book was reviewed by Brilliant-Online: https://www.brilliant-online.com/post/review-on-fractured-souls-by-desley-polmear 


  • Miriam O’Connor’s father was a hot head and it got him into trouble. She adored him and wondered for years why he abandoned her and her six year old twin siblings after their mother died on her 13th birthday. Where was he? Does he ever think of the family he left behind? Was he still alive? Despite the early set-backs, Miriam made a good, successful life for herself after her Aunt Daisy took in the trio and raised them as her own. From pre WW2, Wales, UK, to the turn of the century in Sydney, we are taken on Rhys Collins’s journey of adventures, strife and multiple identities. As he encounters people from all walks of life, and turns his hand to different jobs, he often wonders about his growing children he left behind in Wales, his place of birth. But his transgressions, and encounters with people on the wrong side of the law make him afraid to find out. Will Miriam and her siblings find their missing father before he becomes completely lost in the constant dramas of his own making?

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