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Payback written by Desley Polmear is about Susie Russo who held on to her dark secrets from the past

Payback by Desley Polmear is available in paper back and hard cover versions.


Myla Mcloughlin QLD Australia


"Payback" is the eagerly anticipated completion of the trilogy of "Unlocked Secrets" and "Just Before Midnight" by popular writing sensation, Desley Polmear. Join Susie Russo's journey to discover whether she finally finds fulfillment in marriage and family or will her drive and ambition mean that she will always want more. Long standing simmering tensions ignite and fuel passions and paybacks. Bitterness and betrayal drive the desire for revenge - who will pay the piper for Susie's sins?


Fate - that accident of time and place intervenes - or is it the fortune teller's dire prophecy made manifest?
Immerse yourself in this gripping denouement of how love and fate resolve these issues. At any point in time our lives reflect the sum total of our life experience and colour our responses and behaviour. How will Susie respond to her challenges and how should we judge her choices? That is the moral dilemma and judgment call facing the reader.


So, gentle reader, put aside some time and prepare to be transported out of the mundane before you start this compulsive page turner as you will not want to put it down until you have finished it.


  • Susie Russo held on to her dark secrets from the past. They were locked away in the deep recesses of her mind where they were safe. That was until she started to receive vile messages on her mobile phone from a venomous caller.
    Will the truth be exposed? Susie was fearful that her loving husband Mario would find out. Every day she lived with her guilt, lies and deceit. In a warm and loving relationship with Mario Valderas, she wanted for nothing, but now the fear of her secrets being revealed threatened everything she held dear. Could she take that risk?

    Late one evening a tragedy changed her life in an instant, both emotionally and physically. Susie kept silent, revealing nothing to the authorities. Will she rise above it all and find the strength to go on, or will she discover another way to find her peace?

    Intrigue, love, mystery, drama, jealousy, corruption and murder - PAYBACK has it all. Will Susie Russo’s dark secrets finally be exposed? Will her past life ruin her future? Who knows the real truth?

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