Desley Polmear

Author & Artist

Desley Polmear loves writing fiction but with a real world twist. Her fiction novels are about real families lives.

"People relate because they usually know someone that has lived a similar life or even themselves.", says Desley.

Desley is a best selling author and has completed a Murder Mystery Trilogy. The titles of the trilogy are ‘Unlocked Secrets’  ‘Just before Midnight’ and ‘Payback.’

Polmear’s novel, SHATTERED, was published in March 2019 and her latest novel FRACTURED SOULS was published on 24th November 2021.

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Desley launches her latest book


24th November 2021

Miriam O’Connor’s father was a hot head and it got him into trouble. She adored him and wondered for years why he abandoned her and her six year old twin siblings after their mother died on her 13th birthday. Where was he? Does he ever think of the family he left behind? Was he still alive? ...


But his transgressions, and encounters with people on the wrong side of the law make him afraid to find out. Will Miriam and her siblings find their missing father before he becomes completely lost in the constant dramas of his own making?

Shattered Murder Story Book by Desley Polmear.jpg

Chilling Murder Novel


8th March 2019


Four female friends met on a Friday night at the local hotel to plan their up-and-coming overseas trip. What they didn’t plan on was their four different personality types. Is the city girl Jayde Carlson’s personality too strong for the three country girls? ...


Through a shocking event, Jack was unable to live his dream. After Gracie had a near fatal car accident, the promiscuous Jayde Carlson stepped in, luring Gracie’s boyfriend, Booker Harrington, to her bed. In the hospital, Gracie received messages and photos on her mobile phone, Booker and Jayde’s bodies entwined.